Disabling Put Post Delete Django Rest Framework BrowsableAPI

    Disabling PUT/POST/DELETE from BrowsableAPI of DRF

If you are building a Rest Full Service in Django then you must be familiar with Django-Rest-Framework AKA DRF. DRF helps you to build API with very less code footprint.

DRF has BrowsableAPI which gives a front-end to view API and do some test, by using this you can do GET/PUT/POST/DELETE etc in your browser. Hence you do not require script or POSTMAN/CURL to test. Although these feature is very useful on development server but for the production you really do not want the PUT/POST/DELETE actions.

To disable these action we need to extend BrowsableAPIRenderer and change the display_edit_forms and delete_form to False. Lets create a file BrowsableAPIRendererGet some where in your project where you place common files or tools. I keep them in base.lib package, so create base/lib/BrowsableAPIRenderer.py.


from rest_framework.renderers import BrowsableAPIRenderer

class BrowsableAPIRendererGet(BrowsableAPIRenderer):
    """Renders the browsable api, but excludes the forms."""

    def get_context(self, *args, **kwargs):
        context = super().get_context(*args, **kwargs)
        context['display_edit_forms'] = False
        context['delete_form'] = False
        return context

Once you done with that call the custom renderer from your settings file hence in you settings.py add following in DEFAULT_RENDERER_CLASSES


Now all done you can brows the API but you will not be able to do PUT/POST/DELETE actions. You might want to create diffrent settings file for development and production in case you require PUT/POST/DELETE along with GET.